Summer Value Added Certification Courses

SITRAIN - Chennai

Siemens Mainly focusing working professionals and students to enhance their skills to improve the productivity, cost reductions and process optimization for the cross-section of businesses.It becomes true by its SITRAIN training centers , which are running all over India.

We have the partnership with SIEMENS SITRAIN-India to provide Professional, Systematic, comprehensive and high quality training with International Certification.The courses conduct as frequently at our factory itself .This courses handled by well-stuffed trainers from siemens and vi Micro..

The Training Programs focus on the area of CNCs, PLCs, Drives, Controls, HMI, Networks, Process Control Electrical and Power systems. .....

  • Automation
    1. HMIs
    2. SCADA
  • AC/DC Drives
    1. Variable Speed
    2. Electronic controlled AC/DC Drives
  • LV Switchgear
    1. Air Circuit Breakers
    2. Soft-Starters
  • Process Instrumentation
    1. Position
    2. Temperature
    3. Pressure Transmitters

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